torsdag den 26. juli 2012


I am not good at writing this blog..! Damn it! Anyways I decided to write about everything on my blog,  and this time it has got to be Roberto Cavalli's dreamy dresses. I watched the Academy Awards in February and I fell in love with a dress worn by Miley Cyrus. A beautiful Cavalli dress. I love everything about it - the elegance, the simplicity, the details and the fabric. And who could have worn it better than the gorgeous Miley Cyrus. Her choice of the red lipstick makes the whole outfit a classic. But what I love the most is the curls, which makes it stand out as if she just came from the 30's. The girl who was best known as Hannah Montana - a teenage pop idol - has turned in to a grown-up woman and a fashion icon. I can't say more than to keep up with both Miley Cyrus, and the grand fashion designer Cavalli, who happens to be my favorite!

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