torsdag den 28. juni 2012

3 weeks on the west coast

I've decided that just because I'm home in my own country now, it doesn't mean that I won't keep blogging. I know I haven't done that much updating, but I've been so busy, I didn't even realize, what was important to me. I have my hobbies and I will honestly say now, that music is whats most important to me. But even though thats true, I've always wanted to be a writer as well or a journalist. Something interesting, where I could write about all of my thoughts. Well I'm still just 16 and not old enough for a job like that, so I think I've decided to blog instead and get all of my thoughts out here. First I wanna tell you guys how incredible it was seeing my family! You could probably imagine that after a year of being apart, its a very happy moment for all of us. My last couple of weeks with my host family, friends and new sister was amazing and somehow scary. The thought of having to leave so many people that I love and not knowing if I'll ever see them again. But welcome to my life! I do that a lot.. I remember wednesday morning, when we had to say goodbye to my sister (Klara), we cried as if someone just died. It was just so hard! Never in my life, have I gotten so close to anyone in that short time, and then leaving them.. But now I know that I'll always have someone there for me! So maybe living in two different countries can be what would save our friendship and always I'll have a new place for vacation! When my family arrived they got to meet my new family - and we showed them around in Northern Louisiana - Tuesday it was time for my goodbye with Cindy and Jerry, and that was so sad as well. I know that I'm gonna miss them so much!

And then we got on plane and it was: "Here I come L.A! WOHOO!!!" Was trip to the film center of the world! Shouldn't I be excited! I think I should! L.A. was absolutely stunning! Beautiful city - a little over touristed, but since I was one of them, how can I complain? We saw The Hollywood Universal Studios and gosh it was awesome! A moment of a lifetime and I will never forget driving down Wisteria Lane thinking that this was where Eva Longoria's character Gabrielle Solis lived! AWESOME!! But how much is there to tell about L.A. other than what you probably know! And I think you would know most of it :) Then we drew and came to Grand Canyon to days after. I can only say one word: "BEAUTIFUL!" It was incredible seeing what was created by the power of the earth. It was almost surreal standing there looking down the canyon. And we watched the sunset light up the whole crater in reddish, yellowish colors. I sight I will never forgot!

Two days later we were standing at the Venetian Hotel in Vegas! Definitely a different and a little interesting view. We got to see the magnificent David Copperfield - and it was like being in a different universe. Amazing like everything else. Whenever you've seen the sign saying: "Reno - the biggest small city in the world" I can nothing but to agree. I mean we saw Paris, Egypt, New York, Italy and much more in just a day. Who thought that would be possible! And then it was like 45 degrees (Celsius) outside - it was awful! But it was very worth experiencing. Although no matter how fun it was, it was never a reality. It was like a paradise. The one place where you could travel the world in one day of your life. The place that would take away all other thoughts, because you were mesmerized by the beauty of the city. And I will tell you - we ALL were! Remember when you were a kid, and you would never had to worry about something. You could just let go of everything and have fun. The playground was our paradise. A place were no one could tell us what to do, or at any point ruin the game that just started. It was like when you were at home, you were just the little kid in the house. But whenever on the playground, you were a superhero or a princess and you would never surrender. Well thats how Vegas was. A playground for grownups. Mostly the ones with money, but also a few on the street without anymore. They probably experienced the playground too many times and now they got lost. But for the ones who hadn't surrendered, nothing could stop them. And thats how my life is.

But anyways we flew to San Francisco, and finally we got to the relaxing part of our trip and it felt more and more like home to me. After a year away, it takes a lot for a place to feel like home.. but somehow S.F. managed to do it anyways. So we shopped, rode the streetcar, saw the worst prison ever - Alcatraz, and skipped a night at the GLAAD awards with all of my favorite actors and musicians :( But I'll probably get another chance to do that.. Or I will make it happen! We drove back down to L.A. and got on the plane to Denmark.

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