onsdag den 31. august 2011


Åh gud hvor jeg savner jeg alle sammen!! Det er helt vildt! Det er så kedeligt, når Klara og jeg bare er hjemme - altså det er godt, når vi er alene, for så har vi det sjovt.. Men skolen er det bedste. For første gang i mit liv, glæder jeg mig til hver eneste dag i skolen!! Og det plejer jeg altså ikke! Vi har fundet ud af, at vi har alle mulige tvkanaler, så jeg er glad! Ingen god internetforbindelse. Så æv bæv - vi må ringes ved og gøre det så godt som muligt. Men jeg kommer til at aftale tidspunkter med jeg, så jeg kan tage på biblioteket :) Anyway.. Jeg har endelig fået uploadet alle mine billeder til et webalbum, så jeg sætter lige linkene ind herunder - og forresten, er der en der vil fortælle mig, om de kan se et diasshow til højre med billeder fra Texas?



søndag den 21. august 2011


Ja, onsdag blev Klara og jeg så kaldt ned på kontoret efter frokost, og det første vi tænker er selvfølgelig ÅH NEJ!! Hvad har vi nu gjort? Det viser sig så, at vi skal skynde os til Texas, fordi Pat er blevet farmor. Så vi løber ud i bilen og kører hjem for at hente noget tøj. Og så skynder vi os ellers til Texas. Da vi ankommer sidder Adrianne med den sødeste lille pige! Og så har de sgu valgt at kalde hende Kennedy Lee! Jeg mener, hvad er det dog for et navn til en pige. Jeg tænker kun Præsident Kennedy?? Men lige meget.. Hun er rigtig sød, og hende og Adrianne kommer og skal bo hos os i en periode! Det bliver hyggeligt :) Her ser i så mig med den lille K. L :)

mandag den 15. august 2011


School is just so good! I have already got friends enough to never feel lonely. First day of school was really overwhelming - I mean, when Klara and I got to the school, we needed to find so many room, but the school is like HUGE, so you cant figure out, which way to go. I would love to post some pictures, but I havent got any yet. I have been more focused at getting friends and finding my way around. Lunch is even nice now, because I always have someone to sit with. Not just Klara and I, but especially our friend Stephanie, whos just so sweet.

Its so nice that you're not just "the new kid" but an exchange student,  cause people find that interesting and wanna talk with you. I have been so lucky, that I've just got some of the BEST teachers ever. My first periode/block of the day is choir, which I'm so thankful for. We're gonna learn about vocals, sheet music and even learn have to play chords on the keyboard. My second period is American History, and I actually find that pretty interesting. My teacher here is just so awesome! Thirs period is art, which is probably the hardest class, because you cant take the "easy part" for granted. You gotta think and be fantastic. Fourth period is english class with an amazing teacher, so I'm just happy!

fredag den 12. august 2011


Okay so there is this movie, that I want everybody to watch! It's called "The Longshots" and it's a movie from 2008 with Keke Palmer. You gotta look at the school it plays in, because I you remove all the dirtyness and oldness, it looks just like my school. And that is because I'm going to that school :)

This movie is filmed at Minden High, LA in 2008: Heres the trailer


mandag den 8. august 2011


Okay, so now I'm home from Gulf Shores! It was such an amazing vacation and we had so much fun :) Thursday we got up early, so we could get there late afternoon - the drive took nine hours with a few stops. But when we got there, it was worth it! Klara and I started the vacation with a trip to the beach - which was just outside our condo. The water was so hot - so we decided to try the pool instead, and of course it was closed. So we just filled up our bathtup and pretended it was a pool. The next day we - of course - woke up at 7 am. But we decided to go down to the pool and try one more time. We were the only ones down there, so it was nice. Afterwards we continued to the beach, where we went in the water with Pat and her friends, who by the way are really weird! Later that day we went to the first american mall, I've ever been to! It was kinda cool! After dinner Klara and I took a run down the beach - it was so realxing, except for the moment I walked in a jellyfish. Uhh not that nice! Saturday we went on a dolphin cruise, which was so fun. We saw dolphins swimming in the Gulf! - they were so cute! So we went to a seafood restaurant, which was SO good and then we just drove around until we found the Florida Welcome Center - so of course we had to take pictures. When we got home Klara, Ludy, Marie, Johnie and I got into the pool - until it was 10 pm. Funnist night ever! :) But Sunday was a really long day!

tirsdag den 2. august 2011

Felt like home!

Okay, so last night we headed over to Margarets house (one of Pat's high school friends) and it turned out to be a very interesting night. Her mom was apparently danish, so she had so many things and letters from Denmark, which she couldn't understand a thing of. So there was a lot of pictures - incl. some of H. C. Andersen and his house, palaces and beaches - so I started telling about everything. I even translated some of the letters into English, so that she could understand. There were also some cookbook, but I'm gonna look at that some other time :)