mandag den 8. august 2011


Okay, so now I'm home from Gulf Shores! It was such an amazing vacation and we had so much fun :) Thursday we got up early, so we could get there late afternoon - the drive took nine hours with a few stops. But when we got there, it was worth it! Klara and I started the vacation with a trip to the beach - which was just outside our condo. The water was so hot - so we decided to try the pool instead, and of course it was closed. So we just filled up our bathtup and pretended it was a pool. The next day we - of course - woke up at 7 am. But we decided to go down to the pool and try one more time. We were the only ones down there, so it was nice. Afterwards we continued to the beach, where we went in the water with Pat and her friends, who by the way are really weird! Later that day we went to the first american mall, I've ever been to! It was kinda cool! After dinner Klara and I took a run down the beach - it was so realxing, except for the moment I walked in a jellyfish. Uhh not that nice! Saturday we went on a dolphin cruise, which was so fun. We saw dolphins swimming in the Gulf! - they were so cute! So we went to a seafood restaurant, which was SO good and then we just drove around until we found the Florida Welcome Center - so of course we had to take pictures. When we got home Klara, Ludy, Marie, Johnie and I got into the pool - until it was 10 pm. Funnist night ever! :) But Sunday was a really long day!

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