mandag den 15. august 2011


School is just so good! I have already got friends enough to never feel lonely. First day of school was really overwhelming - I mean, when Klara and I got to the school, we needed to find so many room, but the school is like HUGE, so you cant figure out, which way to go. I would love to post some pictures, but I havent got any yet. I have been more focused at getting friends and finding my way around. Lunch is even nice now, because I always have someone to sit with. Not just Klara and I, but especially our friend Stephanie, whos just so sweet.

Its so nice that you're not just "the new kid" but an exchange student,  cause people find that interesting and wanna talk with you. I have been so lucky, that I've just got some of the BEST teachers ever. My first periode/block of the day is choir, which I'm so thankful for. We're gonna learn about vocals, sheet music and even learn have to play chords on the keyboard. My second period is American History, and I actually find that pretty interesting. My teacher here is just so awesome! Thirs period is art, which is probably the hardest class, because you cant take the "easy part" for granted. You gotta think and be fantastic. Fourth period is english class with an amazing teacher, so I'm just happy!

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