lørdag den 7. maj 2011

Leaving for the States!


In February I found out, that I'm going to live the year of 2011/2012 in Minden, LA! It's with a 58-year old lady called Patricia, but theres also going to be a czech girl named Clara.. Anyway I'm SO exited! Before I even new this, Louisiana definitly wasn't one of my wishes. All I've ever known the state for is their hurricanes, so I was kind of afraid, when I found out.. But I mean I'm living like 400 kilometres from New Orleans, where all of that happens, so I'm cool with it!
I just got home from the STS Workshop, where I got to meet most of the danish people going as exchangestudents to the U.S. after this summer holiday, and they were so sweet. It was really nice to talk to people, who felt the same way as myself and had the same thoughts about highschool.. :)

I can't wait to go... But first my exam
Gotta go study...

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