onsdag den 29. september 2010

A refreshing start...

Hello Everybody..!
My name is Nicoline, but most call me Nicole. I'm 14 years old, but I'll turn 15 in January.
In my freetime I usually play and hear a lot of music. Music is a big part of my life, and it has always been. I've been singing pretty much since my first word, and I've been playing piano for almost two years now. Too me music is about expressing myself, and that's why I love to write music, when I'm sad. It will always turn out to something good... - well at least most of it. Besides the music I'm acting and dancing. Last years musical was Mamma Mia, where I played the mother - Donna Sheridan. This year we're going to play Chicago, where I'm hoping to get the part as Velma. I'm not that good at sports, but I actually like playing soccer or something else. Except...I'm always afraid of falling and break a leg, or something just a worse. On weekend nights I love to just throw myself down on the couch and watch a movie or two. 

Talk to you next time!

xoxo Nicole

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