søndag den 31. juli 2011

Finally arrived!

Okay, so I finally arrived at the airport in Shreveport, LA after a 24-hour trip from Denmark. Wow I was so damn tired - I almost couldnt stand on my own two legs. Although the trip was really nice! In Heathrow, London I got on the plane to Chicago with a group of other exchange students. I've never been on such a big plane! It was huge! I'll post some pictures soon.

Well then we arrived in Chicago, where Tove and I was transferring on a plane to Houston. It was a mess finding check in, but we made it through and got to our gate in time. From Houston we were going to Shreveport, and we got to the gate an hour early. Here we almost fell asleep. I think, I've never been so tired. When we landed in Shreveport Pat (my hostmom) and Leslie (Tove's hostmom) was there to pick us up. So nice to finally be there!

Today, Sunday, I've met Pat's daughter Caty, whos really really nice. She talks a lot, so thats exciting! Afterwards we went to see an old woman, who was in the hospital. She seemed so sweet! But later we went to chuch to sing, and Pat told me that it was the longest service ever. It was like two hours!! But then after we all ate homemade icecream and cookies. That was really nice!

So thats my first time in Minden, LA!

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