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Safe Haven - A Novel by Nicholas Sparks

So here comes another book review. This time on something a little different than Fifty Shades. It's Nicholas Sparks time. During the summer I finished one of his books - Safe Haven. It's the story of a young woman, Katie, trying to escape her horrifying somewhat of a husband. She changes her name, her looks - her everything, and moves to a small town in North Carolina called Southport. She's determined to avoid personal ties, or that is until she meets Alex and his two children and her new neighbour Jo. Despite her reservations, of which she lets go, she becomes attached to Alex and his family. But the struggle of her dark past haunts her everywhere she goes, and somewhere in the middle of everything, she has to decide her future.

Most of us know about Sparks' novels. The love is mind-blowing. Nothing beats the feelings that this man can capture with words. But still most of his creativity stays the same - boy meets girl, they fall in love, someone dies. Now dont get me wrong. Even with that on our minds, his work is exceptional. But Safe Haven was something else. Not only was it extremely romantic, but it was very realistic. It takes us into the mind of women, whom have been beaten by their husband. It tells us how families can look like "the perfect family" and still be dealing with the worst things you could imagine. But it also gives us the time to realize that everything can turn to the better. In the end the tragedy keeps Katie's life together. Nothing is so bad that it isn't good for anything. It's a true and complex written story, and it only makes me respect and love him and his work even more.

If you haven't read it yet, you know what tonight is for :)

Until next time..

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