søndag den 21. april 2013

Families may not be easy.... But they're worth it

Sometimes I sit down wondering why I came up with a blog in the first place.. Sometimes I wonder why I do not keep on writing. But then it hits me - I don't want people to know my every thought. Still I feel like this gives me the freedom and possibility to let out everything. Today I want to talk about families.

Living in a family can be tough, but mostly it is worth every single fight. I myself live in a family where we love each other very much, but each of us have our own problems, and sometimes they will interfere with the family.

Still I think it is very important that we all learn that living in a family is never easy, if we cant be ourselves and let out our inner thoughts. That said I do not just mean anger or sadness, but whatever comes right before that. Let your family know what is on your mind, before you go and blow up. This I think is the problem not only in my family but in many others as well. People don't know when it is okay to tell. But being in a family means being in a safe and comfortable environment. And if your family isn't like that, you all need to sit down and talk to each other. This is the only way that life will be good.

I'm not quite sure where I want this to go.. I guess I'm just trying to say: Appreciate the things you have and work on the ones that are not quite there yet. The important thing is to be positive.

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