tirsdag den 16. oktober 2012

You're never alone

Years ago a new Disney series aired on Television. It was called Hannah Montana and it was about a girl who wanted to be a rockstar, but have a normal life as well. I remember the day the first episode aired on Danish TV - I knew from that moment how much I could relate to the character Miley Stewart played by Miley Cyrus. I watched every single episode as they aired, and for some reason it was the only TV-show that I loved and still love. Tonight one of the last episodes aired once again, and as I watched it I realized, that the show is my childhood. Of course I'm not an international sensation, but my thoughts and hopes were the exact same as Miley's when she was 11. Now I'm 16 and I'm ready to show everyone who I really am. I'm tired of pretending, and for once in my life, everything starts making sense. I dont know how many times I've watched an episode, and then told myself: Nicole - thats just like you!

This really isn't about how much I used to love Disney series - but it's about how every girl or boy out there needs someone to look up to and talk to about how they're doing. I always had my mom, and when I was younger, Miley Stewart was like a best friend to me - as in I felt the same way about things that the character did, and that helped me gain some confidence. So now that I'm sitting watching it again, it's almost as if I'm watching a slide of memories. My point is that you're never ever alone.

You are one but you're never alone

You can't atone for every promise you've broken
In this moment there's no way you can fail
You must be honest with yourself
Use your pain to achieve your goals
Make amends while you can and stay focused
You can't be burdened by your lack of control
Never stray from the path you have chosen

By Heartbreed

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